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Please read our FAQs below and if you have a question that is not answered below then please get in touch. 

1. How long have you been a consultant?

Barry Crisp trading as Crisp Consultancy has been operating as a consultant for over 15 years both in the UK and abroad.

2. How many clients will you manage at any given time?

Consultations are limited to 1-2 clients at any given time due to the time and effort needed for each individual client.


3. What is your process?

Consultancy services are not offered for free or on a pro-bono basis. Submit your consultancy request and needs to Crisp Consultancy and a timeline and proposed fee will be generated before any consultancy work takes place. Crisp Consultancy offers strategic business and marketing advice, as well as market research. Crisp Consultancy does not create content (business or marketing) or manage accounts (social media, website, etc.) on behalf of its clients.


4. What results can I expect?

Expectations, results, and measurements will be agreed with the client from the outset to ensure everyone is working on the same page.


5. Who is on your team?

Barry Crisp is the sole team member at Crisp Consultancy. However, depending on the nature and breadth of consultancy work requested, Crisp Consultancy will enlist the support and expertise of trusted third parties with the consent of the client to fulfil the tasks set out.


6. What is your industry experience?

As a business development and marketing consultant Crisp Consultancy has over 15 years' experience in marketing and communications, business training and development, as well as project and event management. Crisp has worked with organisations like the European Union, Commonwealth, British Council, WHO, World Bank, Royal Mail, IBM, Google, and the OECD. Through the British Library's BIPC, Crisp Consultancy has worked as a strategic consultant helping people start, run and grow their businesses.


Barry Crisp is an experienced marketing director at senior management level managing major accounts, stakeholder relationships and international marketing campaigns. Using integrated marketing communication techniques to deliver on business strategies he has raised brand awareness and promoted products and services to improve customer-relationship management whilst increasing a company’s clients and activities. Having travelled extensively and lived in Japan, Barry Crisp has obtained exceptional depth in cross-cultural sensitivity and communications. Barry Crisp also currently lectures in Entrepreneurship and Marketing at the University of Northampton.


7. How will you get up to speed in our practice?

Experience in an industry can help tremendously in getting up to speed with a businesses’ activities and practices. You will be required to bring Crisp Consultancy up to speed with your company. Depending on the consultancy service expected, a thorough in-depth audit of your business will be conducted. Crisp Consultancy will not offer solutions without having enough information on hand to work with.


8. Where would we meet?

Meetings will take place at either the following: virtually, public space or at client’s office.


9. Are you certified?

Crisp Consultancy has over 15 years’ experience in business development and marketing consultancy work and has worked on projects in over 30 countries. Separately to this Barry Crisp holds qualifications in BA Journalism & Communications Studies (Middlesex University) and Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (Google).


10. Do you have references?

Much of our work is of a private nature and obtaining references and or testimonials can conflict with the privacy expectations associated with the consulting work undertaken. You can view a selection of testimonials on our homepage, LinkedIn profile.


11. How can payment be made?

Payment will be requested either by invoice and direct bank transfer or PayPal request.


12. What is your policy on confidentiality?

All consultancy work is undertaken with the strictest confidentiality. Crisp Consultancy takes the protection of data extremely seriously. Information provided as part of your consultancy work is shared only with the individuals assessing the work, namely Barry Crisp and the client. It is not under any circumstances circulated to third parties other than for the purpose of aggregated research where the identity of the data providers will not be published without their express permission in writing. Clients may be listed on the Crisp Consultancy website along with business information already in the public domain (for instance, from the client’s own website) or from content provided by the client for this purpose.


13. How much do your services cost?

For our consultancy prices, please send an email requesting a quote. These prices will vary depending on nature of consultancy needed and the duration of consultancy. For our DIY business tool kits, please send an email to enquire further. 


14. Are there any hidden fees I should be aware of?

No, there are no hidden fees. The fees stated in our price sheet are transparent. 


15. Do you have insurance?

Yes, Crisp Consultancy has professional indemnity insurance.


16. How long does an average engagement last?

This depends on the client’s needs.


17. How often will we need to meet?

This depends on the client’s needs.


18. How do you communicate with your clients?

Communication will take the form of emails, phone calls, virtual meetings, and in-person meetings.


19. What happens if I am not satisfied with the results I see after working with you?

All our consultancy work is advisory by nature. You as the client decide whether or not you wish to take on board that advice or not, at your own risk. Crisp Consultancy takes no responsibility for any negative outcome or damages towards you and your business. View our liability policy here, and further terms and conditions here. 


20. Do you have a guarantee or refund policy in place?

We have a no returns, no refunds policy. View policy here


21. How do I know if I am seeing progress after working with you?

Measurements will need to be set out between client and Crisp Consultancy.


22. What would be your ideal outcome for our work together?

That you are happy with the advice and support given and recommend us to other business owners and entrepreneurs.


23. Why does it take 2-5 working days to receive the DIY business tool kits?

This is because before sending out Crisp Consultancy double checks that the content is up-to-date and may in some cases add additional content to fit the client’s industry.

24. Are you a sustainable business?

We aim to be environmentally sustainable (by being a green website, part of the Global Impact for the Environment, etc.) with our business activities and using environmentally friendly practices and resources where and when available. Furthermore, as part of our social impact Crisp Consultancy donates 1% of its annual profit to a local charity and volunteers its time to local causes

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